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September 11, 2007
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tutorial: suttle red by rocketlaunch tutorial: suttle red by rocketlaunch
i will be using paint shop pro x for this tutorial.

1. duplicate your background layer, and set it to screen at 10%.

2. create a new raster layer, and fill it with #F5E7C0. set it to multiply at 30%.

3. go to layers > new adjustment layer > colour balance, check "preserve luminance" and fill this in:
shadows: -19, -15, -1
midtones: -8, 10, -4
highlights: 0, 0, 0

4. create a new raster layer and fill it with #22223A. set it to exclusion at 57%.

5. create another raster layer and fill it with #964A4C. set it to soft light at 40%.

6. duplicate the background layer again, and drag it to the top. set it to soft light at 55%.

now merge the layers and you're done!

stock: ~shyble-stock
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awesome. it helped a lot. I'll post where I use it if I put it on dA. thank you :D
a-a-ash-ah-lee Jan 28, 2008
Can this be done in paintshop pro 8
some of the options i cant find.
if you could give me some direction to
screen at 10%.
multiply at 30%.
pretty much the ones you have italic
if you haven't got the layers window up, go to view > palettes > layers.
a window that looks like this should pop up: [link]
the options like screen and multiply are on a drop-down list where "normal" is. and the % bar is on the left.
hope that helps. (:
a-a-ash-ah-lee Jan 29, 2008
haha sorry thanks i found it all after i commented >.<
TwilightsBlood Sep 11, 2007
great tutorial, I will say that at the least but I'm in love with your hair ^_^ lol why cant more people go like that?!
haha, thanks.
but that's not me.. it's :devshyblestock:
i forgot to credit, i'll do that now..
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